Saturday, October 27, 2018

Another small fish in Florida.

Caught another small fish in Florida a month ago.
Now looking at it, not sure if it is a Bluerunner?

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Gulf Stream

For me, Fishing in Southeastern Florida is a lot different from fishing in Connecticut.

After two and a 1/2 months of fishing here I have all of four fish landed. That's it. I've never liked bait fishing very much--that's part of the problem--but also it's really different from being on Long Island Sound and there's nothing even remotely like fishing for trout here.

The first day I tried fishing here was actually a lot of fun. I went to a pier three different times that day--spent about 20 bucks on parking et cetera I watched a guy catch a Snook right next to me, and then I saw another guy catch a tarpon from the end of the pier; that was exciting. Finally, I saw a lemon shark late at night ; it was about 7 ft long.

So that caught me in a mad frenzy trying to catch a tarpon which I managed to almost do. I was on the Intracoastal using flies I tied myself. I got lucky with a fish that ended up in close. I reeled in fast enough to intersect him but I only had it on for about 10 seconds. At that point I had put the fly onto a leader behind a 1 oz casting egg because I couldn't cast for enough with my fly rod.

That was almost 2 months ago. I was really pretty discouraged and stopped fishing as much, but two weeks ago I managed to catch a pinfish while actually fly fishing. This type of fish is very nearly the same as a porgy. That was encouraging. But of course until tonight it was a lot more slow fishing.

Until tonight. Then I caught this:

It is a strange looking fish. So narrow it disappears from view looking head on:

 Of course it is a "Lookdown." A fish I had only seen while wearing a mask an flippers in Florida many many years ago, and in Bermuda, also many many years ago. Humorous fish. Also delicious it turns out.

I actually caught another a few days later. So I think I am on a roll. I am fly fishing for them on a 5 weight carbon rod with 6 weight "sharkskin" tropical line. That line is very stiff in normal fishing up north, but really does soften up in Florida. However the texture does cut a groove in your finger when it is running! They don't sell it any longer for that reason.

The first fish I caught on the flyrod in Florida was  a pinfish, shown above. I used a shrimp pattern fly not all that far from a guy who was using live shrimp successfully. First cast I hooked up immediately. Previously the only fish I landed were the "pilchers" -- but the Sabiki is basically tiny flies cast out on a spinning rig with an egg.

The upshot of all of this was proven today back in Connecticut, when I caught a 24" striped bass within 30 minutes of setting out it the rowboat: Florida is more difficult fishing!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fun out on the Rowboat

Did some repairs to the stern tank and got back out.
Caught a couple fish :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The June 3 Belly Snag.

strangest snag ever.
How did that fly get the force in that location to get in there like that?

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tuesday night was great fishing.

First trout came on a hopper.
Next one on a streamer--#12 hook, black body, red head, my fuzzy one.
Final on a  rubber legged bug. The char jumped clear out of the water striking it just after it landed.
All brook char. All small hovering around 9" but one was more like 10. 6 wt dbl taper on 3 wt carbpn rod.

Wednesday was a repeat of fun. First was also on the hopper again and was only 8" long a char, and looked wild as in clean finned with nice color and spots. Next was on the #16 version of the black lite brite red head. It was twitched under the surface. That took a rainbow that we ate. It was clean finned and full of food in the stomach. Probably holdover from October stocking.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Great Evening of Fly Fishing!


Caught a new species.
Yes, it's a minnow. But I'd never caught this kind of minnow before. I'm entranced. There were a lot of perch in spawning mode, too:

 And there were plenty of trout. But getting any of these species to actually bite took some doing. They were exuberantly splashing, feeding, and defending territory, but quite selective.

I caught the small perch first. That took only 5 minutes, using one of my red/green "candycane" flies. But I got impatient after following up with it for a while. So I changed flies. I figured the small grey ghost would take more perch. Nope. So I went to the midge with the orange tail that worked yesterday. It did get hit--but couldn't hook up--until I found the minnow. Then it found nothing else. I then went to my little black fly. Nothing. With weight. Nothing.

Then I put on a sulfur. And dead drifted it patiently. You could see that some swirls were clearly from bigger fish. I saw one particular circulation going on and put dead drifts over it. Soon enough I got a touch. Some minutes again but hooked up! That was the first trout, and he / she found a snag after a good long fight--as I was pulling it to the final approach. It went under the snag and when I waded out to clear it, I was hooked to the snag and the fish was gone--clever fish!

The sulphur got no more love so I impatiently went to one of my deadly inventions" a #16 maribou streamer. How can you have such a small streamer? Well, attitude and method. It caught three trout. The first one, I had been dead drifting it -- and there was a big splash over where I had the fly, so I lifted--and hooked--and it was a tough fight. Well no wonder--I snagged the pectoral fin!

Here's the video of it:

The next two I took when I tired of trying dead drifts, and started tiny jerk strips. No rod movement, just an inch at a time. That worked wonders. Got a really beautiful one this way next:

Vide is better than the photos:

The final one was in pitch black and fished exactly the same way.

As I reeled up my line, I hooked up a fifth but it got off quickly.

So satisfying!